Custom Confirm Dialog box

hi All,

In my application, on click of a button(let’s say from Parent window) , I am opening Modal Dialog(Child pop up) using CAF method show() on Modal Dialog CAF object.

In this modal dialog (Child pop up), I have two buttons ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Is it possitlbe to return true / false from Modal Dialog to the calling Java script function (in parent window) depending on the button user clicked in the Modal dialog(Child pop up).

(In short, is it possible to create a custom pop up similar to the window which will be opened if we use window.confirm() - which has the capability to retrun true / false to the calling javascript method and makes the calling javascript method to wait before moving to execute remaining code in the javascript till user response is received)

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Raja sekhar Kintali

Please refer to the Designer on-line help. You might search for the phrase: “CAF.Dialog.prompt”.

There is a variety of examples located at: User Interface Controls Reference->User Interface Controls Concepts->Client Side Libraries->CAF.Dialog Class