Custom CAF Task Client App

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webMethods BPM/CAF version 10.15

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Hello everyone,
I’m trying to build a custom CAF application but the documentation is very limited. I have developed a BPM process. I need to be able to invoke from CAF app. I want to develop a Task list portlet to see the tasks and complete them. Would you please direct me? Where should start from? Is there a sample app somewhere?


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Hi Tarek,

you should look for the TaskEngine Users Guide and the Caf_and_OpenCAF_Development_Help Documentation.

When you place a “Task” step in your BPM, you should be able to create the Task UI for this task via CAF implementation from there.

Please provide an outline (screenshot) of your BPM.


If you have a BPM process and have task steps, it will queue the task in the task engine. The task will get assigned to user/group as you had configured. When a user login to MWS, user will be able to see the Task list ( MWS UI > System login > Permission management to configure what the user must see when they login ).

You mentioned, ‘task list portlet’. This is something which is by default available when user logs in. You don’t need to build a custom web UI.

Default pages to view the list of assigned tasks, lots of task specific configuration such as, task forwarding, task escalation, configuring holiday calendar etc., can be achieved.

Some org doesn’t want the MWS UI rather want its own screen and themes, then they do develop the web application and use Task Engine API’s which will query the list of tasks, and modify the UI as per their needs. If that’s the case, I would recommend you to use your existing UI framework (Angular or others) and use Task APIs to just retrieve what you are looking for. In my opinion, developing the whole custom web app using CAF will be challenging. But if it is for technical users and you are okay to use MWS login, then just use the default.



when running CAF UIs on MWS you can show them in your own fashion by building a skin and assign this to your custom UI parts via Skin Rule. Add the role containing your UI users to such as Skin Rule.

See MWS Administrators Guide for dertails.