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Hi All,

I wanted to check if we can change the app icon to custom one. I tried changing by using the application options provided in the doc but did not succeed.
Below is what I tried to add to package.json file

“icon”: {
“url”: “ing.png”

Any pointer would be helpful.


Hi Bishan,

If you want to have a custom image, the url should look something like this:

      "icon": {
        "url": "url(/apps/<contextPath>/assets/app-icon.png)"

See e.g.
The <contextPath> should match the context path of your application.

You can use the copy plugin to copy the image into your build, as otherwise the file will be missing:

      "copy": [
        { "from": "assets", "to": "assets" }



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Hi Tristan,

I checked this post where you have explained it.
Thanks for the detailed info. It helped.


And is there any such configuration to hide the app icon?


You can use the noAppSwitcher application option to hide it from the AppSwitcher.

If you want to hide it within the application you can do so via CSS.

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