Current version of PHP API

You can find the most recent version of the Tamino PHP API as attachment to this post. Unfortunately this API is no longer properly linked in the downloads area.

best regards,
Heiko Weber (40.9 KB)

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I would like the link to download de others versions of PHP Tamino API and de user guide for those.

Thank You


Hello LFernandes,

why do you need the older versions? The version 0.7.0 includes all the functionality that the older versions included, plus new features and bug fixes.

There is no user guide for the PHP API - the functions are briefly described via JavaDoc comments inside the API file “TaminoAPI.php” and there is a version for PHP4 and PHP5 included, plus some examples.

best regards,
Heiko Weber

This is my first time I am using the Tamino database (versio 4.4.1), I want to develop a web application in PHP 5. I didn

a “feature” of the forum software it seems :wink: - just rename “download.php” to whatever it should be - “” in this case.