Cumulocity MQTT Static Template 119,120 - Installed configuration - no Version information


I get my configuration from cumulocity with c8y_DownloadConfigFile for my device, but
I try to send a configuration Version back to Cumulocity.

I use 119,system to tell cumulocity i have only a system configuration type.

But then when i want to send a version information, this is not possible with 120:

On Software and Firmware every entry entry has a version information:


But the file based configuration does not have a version information…

Can someone explain me why?

Thanks for help, regards manfred


a version is not part of the data model right now. It might be due to the fact that configurations are just text files and don’t have any api (like software management using apt) where a version is considered part of. You might use a suffix in the config name as a workaround, though. But this is a good point. Would be great idea to raise a feature request on:

Kind Regards,


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