Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.17 Release

Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.17 is available

We are pleased to introduce the latest and greatest version of Cumulocity IoT Edge - 10.17

This release includes new features, improvements and fixes for Cumulocity IoT 10.17. For more information, see our video What’s new in Cumulocity IoT 10.17.

Cumulocity IoT Edge on Kubernetes - Public Preview

With 10.17 release, we have focused on a new deployment approach. Cumulocity IoT Edge can now be deployed and managed on a single node Kubernetes cluster using Cumulocity IoT Edge Kubernetes Operator (Edge Operator)

The Edge Operator automates the deployment and management of Edge on Kubernetes. It supports:

  • Deployment of Cumulocity IoT Edge
  • Version upgrade and downgrade
  • Resources scale up and down
  • Persistent storage configuration
  • Configuration validation

Further details: