csv file to database table


I am new to webmethods tool and can some one please share working example on the below requirement.

Usecase: we have one text file with the comma separated values and need to parse this file and thenwe need to insert the data into two tables,personel info in EMP_INFO table and education details in EMP_Education.

If insertion fails in EMP_Education table ,need to rollback data inserted in EMP_INFO table also.

Input data:

empid empname age city ssc Inter Graduation

50,geeta,36,TPT,76,67, 77


Hi Arjun,
As you need to parse the flatfile(.csv) you need to create a flatfile dictionary first and then schema, finally document type.
For inserting into DB, you need to create adapter services.
For transaction management you have start, commit and rollback services in WmART package.

For more details on flatfile parsing you can refer to 8-2-SP1_Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide.pdf

Niteesh :slight_smile: