CRUD Portlets


I am trying to implement CRUD Portlets. I can list records, delete selected record and insert new records. I am at a loss on how I should implement the edit.

While I suppose I can develop a separate portlet for data update, where the user selects a record ID from a list and invoke data retrieval for the data update portlet so that the user can proceed with the update action, this does not seem ideal.

I was envisioning using ONE table-grid to do edit and deletes. Is this possible? Can I have an update-able table that originates from a content provider, created from a “select” adapter service, which allows updates for records? The closest I can manage is to replace all columns with text input, which does not see very presentable. Is it possible to have column controls change from text to input when a row is clicked? How are things generally done for CAF?

In C# .NET, I am able to do this with gridview. For CAF JSF, I am not sure how or if this is even possible?

Kindly advise.

So, I have found out that it may not be possible to get a .NET grid like functionality in CAF. I am currently using 1 async table to display the list of records, using hideable panels to bring up the update form when a row is selected. I am using a different portlet to manage new record insertions.