Creating Schemas from records

Hi all,
I need to create a schema that I can use in SAP Business Connector to map SAP data into an XML document. I can create the record format, but I am not sure how I can convert this into a Schema that I can send it to a partner. Also, I need to define couple of packed fields (weights and dimensions etc.,). I am not sure how I can do this either. As you can see, I am still a novice in this area. I appreciate any help.


Try using pub.schema:createXSD to generate your schema.

As for the packed fields - I would look at the IBM Toolbox for Java:

Way back in 2001, I downloded the SAP IDOC-XML schema from SAP website and created the FTRCON Idoc document structure in IS. That time they had schemas available for all type of Idocs.

Pls. check with SAP if they still have the schemas to download. Then you can create the IS Documents from those schemas and you don’t have to create those documents manually.