Creating profile without private key in webmethods 6.5


I have to call my partner over HTTPS. For this, I need to create a profile in TN using the certificates provided by my customer. But my customer will not provide me the private key. Even though, iam able to create the profile in TN without providing the private key, buy while I use the service, it has a mandatory private key input, but my partner only provided me with a certificate. How do I populate this field?



Hi Rangarajan,
Trading Partners are not supposed to exchange the private keys among them. Only public-key needs to be shared.

So, whenever your IS/TN asks for the private key, it cannot be your partner’s private key, it has to be your private key.

Also, it is some time now but we were able to store diff. partner’s cert in their TN prifile and we never had to call the service for the doc exchange between us.

Pls. write in detail what you are trying to do?



thanks for your reply. I need to sign the doucument to be sent to my partner. For that, i pick the certificate and key using the service getSigningKeyandChain.

But since, i will not be placing the private key in TN, Iam now using the service which returns the certificate, thru which iam signing my document and send to the client, which is working fine.