Creating multiple secured environments/silos/domains


I have a very basic clarification on configuration and setup. We have a single installation for Development environment. We need to create another Sandbox environment to train developers in the same installation such a way that it can be independently created and managed without affecting the regular Dev environment where teams will be collaborating. The users having access to sandbox environment can have full access to components within the scope of sandbox and should not be able to view or modify the components in Dev environment. The two environments should be independently created, configured, destroyed, base lined, backed up & restored. Is that possible with webMethods ESB? Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,

For what you are trying to do, I think you will need two installations (or call it environments).
Within one installation, you can use groups to control access to different resources. But seems you want to allow modification of the system, any change to be done will be reflected to the whole system.
So, two installation is the way to go.

Thanks for the response. In that case, is it fine to install and run multiple instances in the same node/hardware? (of course as long as the platform & licensing terms support)

Yes, IS allows you to install multiple instance on the same box, just assign different port to the 2nd node.

That will work for us. Thanks again!

As Tong said, you can have multiple instances in the same box…

  1. Keep a separate database schema created for this sandbox environment. Do not use the one created for Development instance.
  2. Have a different port number. Do not maintain same port number as you cannot start two instances in same port number.

Would suggest you to create a ‘script’ during installation. This will record different components that you have installed in a environment. Later, use this script to perform multiple installations in multiple systems. It will help you in setting up a similar setup across all instances without having to select each and every component during installation.


Thanks for the valuable inputs. Appreciate it.