Creating Composite API with webMethods API Mashup!

About this Session

Composite API combines the functionality of different APIs into a single call. With API Mashup, developers can save time and effort by executing multiple REST services simultaneously. This feature enables you to extend the functionality of a service by having it call other services in the background, either in series or in parallel.

During this advanced, technical session we will explore the benefits of using API Mashup:

  • Enhanced Functionality: API Mashups allow you to extend the functionality of your web application by integrating multiple APIs into a single call. This enables you to create powerful and feature-rich applications.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Instead of making multiple API calls separately, API Mashup enables you to combine them into a single call. This simplifies the workflow and saves valuable development time.

  • Improved Performance: By executing multiple microservices in parallel, API Mashup reduces latency and improves service response time. This ensures a smooth and seamless user experience.

  • Simplified Integration: With API Mashup, you can easily integrate APIs from different sources into your application. This eliminates the need for complex integration processes and reduces dependencies.

  • Efficient Resource Utilization: API Mashup enables you to leverage the existing APIs and services rather than developing new ones. This optimizes resource utilization and reduces development efforts.

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