Creating an .XSD Schema for an XML

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where I need to create a .xsd for an xml and provide it to TP.

Now, I have created the .xsd file but defined all fields as “string”. Even for COST,PRICE, QUANTITY etc.

In wM, we have types as string,stringlist etc. If I define the schema to stricter types…will that be okay in wM? or wM only defines as string types?

Please let me know.


IS can support different data types within a schema.

I’d use the strict data types only if the schema is going to be used for validation (by either IS or the TP).

As a rule of thumb I tend to avoid strong data typing in integration and treat/pass everything as a string unless there is a specific need to do otherwise.

Thanks for the information Reamon.

But the TP wants specific data types to be defined.

I am almost done with defining the schema.

I have defined: Integer for NUMC( Is it correct? Does it also allow values like 1000.2 etc, what is int type in schema?)
date for DATS type
string for Chars.

and where should i mention the length for Integer and Date data types in schema…i can see minIncl and maxIncl…does it mean the length?

please let me know if i am doing correct.

You may find it helpful to do a web search for “xml schema data types.” You’ll get some hits that define types that are available and their constraints.

You might also want to import an existing XSD or two from web sources into IS so you can get a feel for how an IS schema maps to XSD.