creating Adapter service in developer gives error


im creating a adapter service using developer8.0. If i happen to select oracle or sybase adapter connection name i can create a adapter service with success and can select or insert data into the respective database. When i use a different driver and select adapter connection name it throws an error: No templates exist for the selected item.
What are these templates and which folder are they located? can i create a template?


Please try the following steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Stop developer
  2. Restart jms / JDBC connection
  3. Start developer
  4. Make your user-defined package dependant on package WmJMSAdapter / WmJDBCAdapter.
    In Developer, right-click on your package and add the package
    WmJMSAdapter / WmJDBCAdapter to the “Package dependencies” list.
  5. Try creating an adapter service.

Hi a restart of IS helped.