Creating a simple integration


I want to create a simple integration that involved receiving the file from a remote server and converting it to a XML file and send out another partner using HTTP.

Are there any graphical tools available with WM or do I have write a code or use existing codes to that?

thanks !

I don’t know what software you have installed, but you will need the developer IDE. If you plan to write your own java code, then you will need to run JCode. Information on both can be obtained in the Developer’s user guide and the developer tutorial.


Thanks Ray for the kind reply , I have installed Integration server and Webmethods Developer.

This is a good tutorial that will help you understand how the objects in webmethods IS relate to other things you have worked with in the past. Also, there is a built-in services guide. I suggest you print this guide out since it contains the most crucial information for a developer. Hope this helps.


I am probably doing the most simple thing on earth , but cant get it to work

I cant event doa simple FTP get and FTP send, I am trying that now.

I am picking a file from remote server using and sending to a nother server !

I get errors,

I am using first service as FTP, second as get and third as put

Any particular manual , if are aware of point me to ?

Did you try ISBuiltInServicesGuide? This one has the descriptions about the ftp services.
Good Luck and dont worry. You can do it!

Note that an FTP put to an Integration Server is an invoke of a service.

What errors do you get?
What operation are you performing when you get the errors?

First of all, I thought by "common sense " Ill be able to run this ,

this is what I want to do:

  1. Pick ffile from local machine ( windows 2000) and send it to remore machine which is Unix using FTP

I had created a new Flow Service called " FTP"

To this I Added the following

pub.clinet.ft ----> pub.client.ftp.get ------> pub.client.ftp.put

I have specified the local gile as c:\test\abcd and remote file as /home/test/abc and have specified user name and password, the error that get is :

2003-02-22 23:20:43 GMT+11:00 Not logged in!
at com.wm.util.LocalizedException.(
at pub.client.ftp.get(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

I have probably worked it out , I have this used only “ftp” and within that I have specified command as “put” and I was thinking that I need to specify the flow as to first pick the file using pub.client.get and then user pub.client.ftp and then pub.client.ftp.put in the flow.

thanks all of you for your time.

I now getting this different error : Command STOR failed