Creating a "Doc Reference" in a Managed Bean (MB)

Dear all,

I’m pretty new to this, hence if my question is a silly one, please forgive me.

Is possible to manually add a Business Data reference in a Managed Bean?
I noticed that wizard-generated tasks have a ‘Business Data’ in their MBs (refer to the image “wizard-generated task MB.png”),

I was wondering if it was possible to add it to a manually created MB.
But I’ve tried adding a new data field to the MB, but no success (refer to the attempt.png image).

The reason behind all this because I’m looking to avoid “handcrafting” the data structure needed to invoke a WS. In the current case, I’m invoking the “queueTask”, which happens to have the “TaskData” field defined as an “accept anything” node.

If such referencing is not possible, what would be the “proper method” to “queueTask” from an webapp (not relying on portal-related methods)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
wizard-generated task MB.png