createReceiptAcknowledgement - RN service

Hi All,

I am using wm.ip.rnif20.trp:createReceiptAck to send receiptAck.

This service inturn is invoking another RN inbuilt service: ‘wm.ip.rnif20.util:getTrpInfo’ which does not take any input but supposed to give transportInfo as o/p, but in my case it displays as an empty document. This o/p is a must as it will be used further in the flow.

Please could you explain where it is trying to read this info from(eg:TN, model,etc…) and how could I resolve this?

Many Thanks

this service is getting the setting from cache in memory, it contains what defined in the file: packages\WmRNIF20TRP\config\transport.cnf
you can use:
wm.ip.rnif20.util:init to initialized it(which should be one of the startup service for WmRNIF20TRP).
Hope this helps

Hi tongwang,
I had a look at transport.cnf. It says but does not mention the actual format of receiptAck. There is a document defined in rosettanet as ‘wm.ip.rnif20.rec.Acknowledgement:ReceiptAcknowledgment’. This just contains two optional fields (one for namespace and one for messageDigest)…

I wanted to know how will a receiptAck actually look like…ie the actual tag fields. Please could someone send a sample receiptAck format which will have the actual possible fields. Please help!!