createHashtable - invalid data type: java.util.Hashtable


when I use services from like the “createHashtable” or “put” Service I get the following message inside the server full_log:
XMLCoder decode invalid data type: java.util.Hashtable.

When I put data into the hashtable this leads to thousands of entries in the server log.
I use wM 8.2.

Thanks in advance

Any messages on error log on IS admin?

Share your sample code snippet?

See if this helps:

There is no message in the errorLog

The message occurs already when I have a flow service, which consists only of the createHashtable statement (so it should be easily be reproduced).

are you using pub.flow:savePipelineToFile service when the Hashtable variable is in the pipeline?
When IS try to save the pipeline, it will try to encode everything. obviousely Hashtable can’t be properly encoded.
just try to remove the savePipelineToFile service

There is no savePipeline statement. My Service to show the bug consists only of the createHashtable statement.

Is it possible that it has something to do with a loglevel on IS? All Loglevels are on “Info”

Switching gears :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us know your requirement for using Hash-table in wM 8.2?