Cannot find javautilHashtable in wmdeveloper61

i’m new to webMethods can any one help me in finding the java.util.Hashtable in webMethod Developer Properties


Can you explain what you are trying to do? Hashtable is a Class for object generation and is not native as a visible type services. If you want to pass this to a service, just use Object. Good day.

Yemi Bedu


In the Developer tool under the Help menu you can see the webMethods Java API reference and check the java.util classes,you will find the Hashtable info how to call this object in javaservice.



Hi Yemi Bedu,
Iam doing lookupDictionary using wMPublic(string Folder) in that the input parameter is hashtable : java.util.Hashtable but i’m unable to find it in Properties (java wrapper type) ,in that i could find only
Even i have tried with object but i could not get any in put values while tracing
Thank u ,