Create WSDL containing multiple methods / operations

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Currenly, i have 3 flow service and i want to publish became web services, how i can generate 1 wsdl for that 3 services (3 methods) using wm 6.1

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Developer’s WSDL generator is (still) not able to create a WSDL that contains multiple operations. The web services connector will however generate Flow services from multi-operation WSDL’s.

So, for now, your only option is to hand craft the WSDL. For me, the approach that works best is to use XML Spy Enterprise to do the following:

  1. Create an XML schema that contains an element for each request and response message in your operations.
  2. Create the WSDL that imports this schema
  3. Add each operation specifying the request and response messages defined in the schema
  4. Set the soap endpoint address to the correct one for your IS server (usually http://is_host:5555/soap/default).

I started with a sample WSDL from Erl’s SOA Concept book and tweaked it until I had a WSDL that worked for one of my operations. Then I added additional operations and the message parts for the soap header elements.

WM is “working on” the next IS release that will supposedly address this and other web services holes that have been present in the product for nearly 4 years.


Thank you Mark, I will try first your suggention



Hi ,

I have an issue with creating one webservice connector for multiple operations. We have been provided with a wsdl as shown in the Image which has 4 operations. Need to create a Wrapper service with all the input clubbed as one Input and one Output and create a wsdl for the Source System.

Issue is the document has namespace with every field and we are unable to create a connector with this. So we removed the namespace from the fields and created a connector. While we map to the destination , we will need to individually map each field or write a java service to implement the same.

Is there any better way of doing the same and can we avoid field level mapping?

Any suggestion is appreciable.

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