create WSD from CentraSite (with external schema) fails


i’m struggling to ceate a WSD from a service-asset in CentraSite.

The problem is that the WSDL attached to the service-asset imports an XSD-file containing the data-schema. During the creation of the asset CentraSite recognized the import, downloaded the XSD-File and changed the schemaLocation-attribute in the WSDL.

Within WM Designer (8.0) i can see the service-asset and click on “create Web Service Descriptor”. A wizzard opens and i select the package and if it should create a consumer or a producer (doesn’t matter). But when i click on finish, i get the following error-message:

javax.wsdl.WSDLException: WSDLException (at /wsdl:definitions/wsdl:types/xsd:schema): faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at ‘…/DataModel/DataModel_1.0.xsd’, relative to ‘http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ino:dav/ino:dav/projects/WSDL/smc/ServiceAddress/uddi_b58442fc-a15c-11df-ae0d-8da978c509b3/’.: [b][color=“red”]Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ino:dav/ino:dav/projects/WSDL/smc/DataModel/DataModel_1.0.xsd[/color][/b]

Obviously accessing the XSD requires authentication (opening http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ino:dav/ino:dav/projects/WSDL/smc/DataModel/DataModel_1.0.xsd in a browser shows an authentication-dialog), but that doesn’t make sense to me. Any ideas? What am i doing wrong? Is this a problem of WM or Centrasite?