Create topic and JMS Connection by flow service or java service

Do you know if it is possible to create or check the existence of a topic or JMS Connection by flow service or java service ?

To check the existence of JMS Connections/Queues/Topics you can review the services in WmRoot pacakge.

For creating the Connection Factory/Queue/Topic on the messaging provider (Broker/UM) you need to refer the Java Admin API and write a custom jave service in IS runtime.

Any questions?

Thanks a lot,
I didn’t think about the wmRoot package because it’s not visible in designer.
But we can create, read and update JMS connection and even topic ! I see that

I imagine we can invoke by using the invoke service in wmPublic package

Hi Vital,

the WmRoot package is hidden by default to Designer as it contains services why are meant to be internal to IS and should usaully not be used for regular development.

But you can check for extended setting watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot and change it from true to false for your development environment if this is really needed for development.
See IS Administrators Guide for details about these extended settings.

Whenever possible, services from WmPublic should be used instead of services from WmRoot.


The method wm.server.jms:createTopic, even if it is exists seems to be unsupported when I try it in debug