Create The JMS Adapter Consume Issue?

Dear All:
I used WebMethods version is about : and webMethods Adapter for JMS Adapter Version:6.1.1.
I have a Active MQ by topic connection successed, created the JMS adapter connection for Active Topic named by ActiveMqCon_Topic and create topicProvider Service successfully and it can send the message to the Active MQ server successfully.In the provider param: topicProviderInput/JMSDestination is about dynamicTopics/eventOpenwire_Adapter, then i want to create the consumer for this ActiveMQ, and set the consumer param topicConsumerInput/JMSDestination is also about eventOpenwire_Adapter, but it’s failed to get the queue message .It get the JMSMessage is null ,how can i resolve the consumer issue for this?


are you forced to use the webMethods JMS Adapter (product adapter based on ART)?

If not I would suggest you to switch to the build in jms services (see IntegrationServer Built-In-Services Guide form details).

Are there any Fixes applied to IS, ART, JMS Adapter?

Which version of ActiveMQ are you using?