Create RosettaNet DTD's from IS Doc Type

I am working on generating a DTD from WM doc.

i am having 6 RN Pip’s. 3 are non recursive and 3 are recursive.

I was able to generate the DTD from the 3 non recursive doc’s.

But i am getting error while generating DTD for the other 3

“cannot enter data for recursive document types”

I am converting the doc to XML and using XML spy to generate DTD.

Can any one please help………….


Why are you working with DTD’s in this day and age? Doesn’t RosettaNet publish XML Schemas for the PIP’s you are working with? If so, you XML Spy or similar tool to create your DTD.


OK, looks like RosettaNet still ships DTD’s describing the messages in each PIP. Assuming that this is true for the PIP’s you are working with, you should be able to get the DTD’s by browsing the PIP directory.

What webMethods products and adapters are you using?


we are using wm6.1 and JDBC adapter

We were trying to develop a generic RN canonical and trying to check if the data gets carried properly from source to dest if we convert the doc to xml and back from to doc.

we came up with a solution. I am working on it, Will get back with updates.