Create Directory Service problem

I have a DB table

desc user_wm_test

Name       Null Type          
---------- ---- ------------- 
ID              NUMBER        
DN              VARCHAR2(50)  
LAST_NAME       VARCHAR2(100) 
EMAIL           VARCHAR2(50)  
ENABLED         NUMBER(1)     

When I configured “Query Lookup User by ID” as

select * from user_wm_test where id = {uid}

I’m getting the error

the same for version with

select * from user_wm_test where id = '{uid}'

my configuration is

It seems to me, that DB directory service is not working piece of crap.

I solved first issue, I had to modify the query to

select * from user_wm_test where to_char(id) = '{uid}'

but now I’m not able to find such user in User Management even when searching by ID :-/ I’m going to trace queries in DB next day…