Create container Adabas

Hi all,

I have a problem creating the container in the docker. I followed Adabas’ 6.7 documentation to the letter, which is:

  • The image creation:
  • uploading the image to docker.
  • execute the image as a container.

In this last point Docker throws me the error, the command that will execute the container is:

  • docker run --user 1000 --env-file ‘env_dock.txt’ adabas:6.7
  • the env_data.txt file contains the environment variable to accept EULA.

The error message:
Docker user sag has no permission to write into mount point at location /data
Docker user is: uid=1000 gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

I’ve passed it on to someone else? How can you fix it?

thanks in advance.

German Fernandez


please try the new Adabas image provided on Docker hub. In /data you need to mount a persistent volume which stores the data and need to have access for your given user.
An exact environment set is documented in the Docker hub documentation to the Adabas image.

You need to add EULA environments like this call
docker run -it -p 60001:60001 -p 8191:8191 -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y -e ADADBID=12 -e ADA_DB_CREATION=demodb --name ada
bas-db store/softwareag/adabas-ce:6.7.1

Here the mount of an volume in /data is missing.


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