Crashed database - WM Recovery.

I had SQL Server Database before, IS, MWS and other components are configured to use the SQL Server Database. but suddenly the SQL Server database is crashed with No Recovery option(No backup).

Because of the database Unavailability, IS is not starting up.

What is the best way to make IS up and running by configuring to the newly created database, without Re-installing the webmethods? will it work if I just run the Database component configuration to use the new database?

Thanks in Advance.

Option1: Bring the IS up and running (ignore errors) and then re-run the db component configurator pointing to new database. Recreate the new mws instance, refer MWS admin guide

Options2: Find the config files on the IS and MWS level to point to the new database. Which is not easy and involves manual work.

Option 1 should fix your problem.

Mahesh, Thanks for your response. But I am not able to start the IS.

For each component while loading, Components are being shutdown with the error similar to below.

WMERROR 15d07f90-fa80-17f8-9f39-fb798c0cc148 15d07f90-fa80-17f8-9f39-fb798c0cc148 cf698670-8254-f869-a50e-299f541d4158 localhost:5555 2015-03-23T16:44:40.857Z 2015-03-23T16:44:41.556Z [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Invalid object name ‘IS_GD_TRANSACTIONS_OUT’.

I just created the database with the same name and did run the Database component configuration, All the database tables are created within the same database but still IS is not staring up.

The appropriate Config-Files can be found under the following directories:


MWS/server/default/config/mws.db.xml (password can be given in plain text, will be encrypted on next restart)

Hopefully you have given the new schemata the same password as before.
Otherwise the IS might cause problems due to a PW mismatch with its internal PW database.
If it starts with errors it will revert to the embedded database temporarily.
Change the Passwords in IS-Admin and restart the IS.

Remember to shutdown and restart the instances after changing these files.

If this doesnt help backup your own development work, recreate the database schemata and reinstall the components.
After that you should be able to import your backups or recreate from Designer.


What should we do if it temporarily uses internal database when the external database is not found.?

BTW, I already tried everything including looking at the config files etc. Anyhow I created the Database with the same name and credentials as before. but nothing helped out.

Now, I plan to re-install everything.

Hi Sam,

You can recreate components using DB configurator and connect WM to new database. Just for doing it, you need to delete the files under IS/config/jdbc/pools and IS/config/jdbc/functional. In this case, none of the JDBC pools will not be connected and first time IS comes up, it will throw errors. Once you are in, you can connect the JDBC pools accordingly and then restart the server.

Please could you let me know what approach you used.


It should be sufficient to modify the pools and point them to the new database/schemas and restart the funtions in IS Admin UI.

Embedded database is also used by the LWQ as a buffer for auditing.


Sam, Holger solution is most promising, follow it.
For MWS, create a new instance if not it won’t run.