could not reserve enough space for object heap

Hi all,
I am having a JVM problem.
Currently I have 2 Gig of memory, I am planning to set the JVM up to the 1.8 Gig limit. The webemethod is running on a Windows 2000 machine

But setting the java heap setting in server.bat to 1800MB produced a VM initialization error and a “could not reserve enough space for object heap” error.

Does any one has a solution thanks.


There is typically a hard limit of 2GB for a process. Of that total the VM typically needs to carve out some of the memory allocation. On Windows XP w/ JDK 1.4.2 the maximum memory that I can allocate is 1579 MB.


Max memory of 1.5GB for JVM 1.4.2_04 is a platform (Windows) dependent limitation.