Could not find Web Service Descriptor with name [WSDL name]

I am getting below error while calling webservice of different application

[ISS.0088.9351] Could not find Web Service Descriptor with name [WSDL Consumer name].
I observed this error occurs mainly after patch movement

Is it due to Package reload? or issue in webservice connectivity ?

We are using webMethods8.2 SP2

Thanks in advance


Hi Jatin,

When are you getting this error? While calling or is it appearing in server.log while starting or reloading… Are you sure the WSD Consumer is present in the same IS?


Hi Niteesh,

I am getting this error while calling webService, yes WSD is present in same IS.

It is not a contineous behaviour, only for some ws call (say 1 out of 300) it is failing.

As per my observation this failure occurs only when I deploy any new patch (which is havinq code changes in same package in which WSD resides). I am very sure webservice call happens after deployment process completed.