Correlation ID Examples/Documentation for webMethods 7.1

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use Correlation IDs in webMethods 7.1.1 and am having real trouble figuring it out. I can find a lot of good examples for 6.5, but nothing for 7.1.1. Specifically, a document detailing exactly what the inputs/outputs are for the services and/or some example code would be really beneficial. Sorry if these things are readily available on the advantage site. I can’t seem to find them there.

Thanks in advance!

Look at the webMethods Process Engine User’s Guide for 7.1.1. The correlation service specification reference (pub.prt:CorrelationService) is described on page 48.

Go through this link in advantage, it explains the correlation service.:

If you are able to do it then I have a question in the same link , probably you can try that as well {:)}



Could you pls let me know where to get the examples. I’m new to designer and having trouble in creating the correlation services

Thanks in Advance

There is a step by step example in
“7-1_Getting_Started_with_Business_Process_Management.pdf”, look for it in the advantage site.

Page 49.

Check out step by step correlation scenario with examples and screenshots demonstrated in 8.x