Copy packages

Thanks nasir. But I had already read that.

Still the question stands same. If I need to maintain a service name hierarchy like com.tcs.<projname>.<interfacename>.<services>.<servicename>
then how do I do it.

There are webMethods packages with same name of folders like pub or wm etc. But it is not possible with developer to create same named folders in multiple packages. Why?

Can anyone thro some light.

Hi Ashok,
I think if you make a package, for example, PKG1 and PKG2 and in these 2 packages, you create a same name folder like MyFolder, it allows you to create that.
Its usually not a good practice to use same folder name for multiple packages due to namespacing. You should go for the same name of the folder as you package does.

Let us know if u have still doubts and someone will eloborate in more detail.


Thanks Nasir. The problem is in developer’s behavioural difference in the two options of creating folder. When I create folder by right clicking on package and select folder directly, it prevents me to create one with same name. However, if I select all choices popup menu item and then select folder in the dialog box, it allows me to create. Silly me!