copy from EXCEL and paste in XMLSPY 2004

Hi everybody,

normally it is possible to copy table data from excel and paste it into XMLSpy using grid and table view. But when I try this in XMLSpy 2004 only the first element of the grid is filled in. (With XMLSpy 2008, trial version, it works fine)
I’m doing it like said in the manual of XMLSpy 2004
( 5. Mark the table data in Excel, select Edit | Copy, and switch back to XMLSPY 2004.

  1. Click in the top left data cell of the table in XMLSPY 2004, and select Edit | Paste.

Does somebody knows this problem or do I forget something?
Can somebody with XMLSpy 2004 try to copy some data from excel to XMLSpy?

For example
book_id book_title book_author
1 bla bla
2 bla2 bla2

Thank you,

I received an answer from Altova:

"Entered on 2008-11-25 at 11:59:28 :

This was broken in the 2004 releases, and partially fixed in a later release.

However, there are still some issues with it in the 2008 releases. Verify your data before and after doing the paste operation.

Support Engineer
Altova GmbH