Copy formatted file to local desktop

Hello Friends

The IS server for us is on IBM Unix Box.

In my service what i need to do is extract the data from oracle database on Unix server itself, then format the data in a particular format and copy it to the local disk from the desktop which invoked the service using http (invoke).

I could extract the data from oracle and was able to format the data using runStringTemplateOnPipe. but i do not know how can i copy the formatted file to local disk.

I hope i have explained my question properly. FTP option is not available to me.

Any suggestions.

Not sure I quite understand the question, but your client (the one doing the HTTP) will get the formatted file as a response to their HTTP request. They just have to save it to disk after they do the POST. That is, you are not going to ftp it from webmethods to the client’s local disk - you just leave it in the pipeline for the client to use.

So you’ve got webmethods on unix as the server…what is the client - another webmethods box, java client, etc?


HI Will

That was actually an better idea. What i was trying to do was to create a text file on Unix since my server is on unix and then transfer to users desktop.