\"Copy failed: No source data available\" when pr


I have defined a file polling port that invokes a flow service when a XML file is produced. This flow service:
invokes xmlNodeToDocument to convert the XML node to document,
maps the document to a publishable document reference,
publishes the document reference.

The starting step of a business process subscribes to this document type and invokes a flow service that is defined with the same document type as input.

When I test each flow service with developer, it works fine (i.e.: send a XML file to the first flow service, save the pipeline locally; then run the flow service of the starting step of the business process by loading the content of the previously saved pipeline).

But when I test the overall on the Integration server it does not work.
When the XML file is created it is read (trace: File polling processing file), the flow service is invoked and a document is published.
The business process is activated but when invoking the flow service of the starting step the following error is displayed:
Copy failed: No source data available: to=/nimbus_argos_data, from=/WemNominations/nimbus_argos_data

Where am I wrong?

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t invoked the right service.


When not able to use Developer debugging, I often add calls to WmPublic pub.flow:savePipelineToFile at a couple critical points in your services and then make a service that calls pub.flow:restorePipelineFromFile with each of the filenames to see what the exact pipeline contents is at each point.