Copy / Deploy CentraSite customization to other repository

Hello all,

I’m customizing CentraSite for a client, and they gave me a sandbox repository to work with.
Now I need to copy / deploy all the groups, asset types, association types, taxonomies, lifecycles, policies, etc. to the working repository.

My questions:
1 - Is the Import/Export the only way to do this?
2 - Being like that, do we need to export everything (organization, taxonomies, asset types, etc.) one step at a time or does exporting the Organization Including Users, Child Organizations and Life Cycle Models and Policies is enough?

We have Active SOA 8.2.2


you could either do a complete database transfer via provided MoveRR script or via export/import. I would not use federation for example.
Regarding Export/Import, I would recommend to have more than one Archive, e.g. the first one containing the Organization(s), the Users and the Groups, the second one containing the AssetTypes, Taxonomies, Lifecycles and Policies and the third one containing the Assets, perhaps grouped by Organizations in case you have many. Have a look at the export options, e.g. you can specifiy if you want to include the Users when you export an Organization.

Hope that helps,

Hi Gerald,

One can always count on you to help us!

I don’t think that the MoveRR script is really an option, because we’re adding a new organization to the altready existing catalog.

For the export/import I have been doing several archives mostly to ensure I have everithing, usually:
1- Organization and Users
2 - Taxonomies
3 - Association types
4 - Asset Types
5 - Lifecycle
6 - Design Policies
7 - Runtime Policies

I know that if I have the associations and taxonomies referenced in one of the assets attributes, the respective taxonomy / association will be exported to, so I can have 2, 3 and 4 in one archive just from exporting the Asset Types…

Now I have some doubts:
a) What happens to taxonomies (or association types) that aren’t referenced from an asset attribute?
b) where do I make an export that takes AssetTypes, Taxonomiesm Lifecycles and Policies like you mentioned?
c) this export also exports runtime policies?

And more important, is there a document that describes what object types are exported in each scenario?

Answering my own question:
There is:
Exporting and Importing Specific Object Types