Has anybody used the convertToString service in WmEDI package. I am trying to convert a record into a String (Flat file representation). I wrote a template for this using the info given in the user’s guide. I ran this service with record and template as inputs, and it seems to hang on the convertToString service.
Any ideas are welcome.

I recommend that you use nsRecord
I think that convertToString uses many memory, when you use EDItemplate.

In my experience, hang happened in my PC when I used convertToString using EDItemplate.
But, this operation ran well in our company system, though it took a long time.

PC : Windows pentium III 755MHz 512 RAM
company sysmtem : IBM AIX 600MHz 1024*2 RAM

Two systems have wide difference.
If you use system like my PC, I recommend that you will use nsRecord.