Hello All,

First of all I would like to thank RAMESH and all the people for advicing me on TRANSFORMER CANNOT LOOP OVER LIST ELEMENTS.
I am facing a problem while mapping string returned by convertToString to a stringList in my map. The StringList variable is not getting created in PIPELINE OUT. Is it possible to map a string to a stringList? Is there any other service like convertToStringList? Please shed some light upon this issue.


Try using pub.list:appendToStringList built in service as a transformer. Map the input string to from item, and map the string list input variable to the toList. Dont map anything to fromList and then map this toList output to the string list output variable. Ensure that the input string from output pipeline is dropped.

Please let me know if it works.


Hello Aneeba,

Thank you very much for your timely suggestion. appendToStringList service works exactly the way you have defined. I am new to WebMethods, and because of people like you, my job has become much easier. Please keep up the good work.