ConvertToString - Unexpected results

Hi - after working succesfully with fixed length flat files in WM I now created a flow that takes an incoming fixed length flat file, converts the data and then I would like it to use convertToString in conjunction with a new FlatFileSchema to create a new flat file with delimiters that I then FTP to a new destination.

I defined the ffschema to have record delimiter of “carrigage return line feed” and field delimiter of “,” and quoted release character of “”". As input to ffValues of the convertToString service I am using a document reference to the ffschema document (recordwithnoid) and the data in there looks good before that flow step. But the resulting string contains only the first two fields of each record separated by no delimiters. It seems to be fixed length but there is a big gap like a tab between the fields it looks like. Somehow it is not using the flatfile schema at all even though I specify it in the paramter of the service.

Any ideas?


Are you just mangling the original document or creating a new one from scratch? Good day.

Yemi Bedu