Convert string to integer or float without faced this mathematic 4.1415926E7 value

Hi i was creating an analytics model :::::::::
the input ====> is an event that generate a string
the output ====>is a measurement (numbers ; float ;…)
so typically i am just converting string to float or to integer
NORMALLY i should get
"41415926 " <========> 41415926
but i get this one
"41415926 " <========>4.1415926E7
i have tried many ways like

or input.Integer() but still not working


It looks like you are using Expression blocks. Quoting our documentation here, “If the result of an expression is an integer value, it is converted to a float automatically”. Therefore, although there are EPL actions that generate an integer, such as .floor(), any integer will be converted back into a float when it is output from the block.

When we convert float values to a string in order to display them to the user, we call the .toString() action on the float (described here) and we have decided that numbers above 106 should be shown using scientific notation. In the absence of an easy way to display superscript, as is common in computing, an E (for “exponent”) is used so 4.1415926 x 107 is displayed to you as “4.1415926E7”.

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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