Convert pubtablestringTableToTable to record list

Is their any alternate service for pub.table:stringTableToTable as it is deprecated. I want table to convert into the record list of each rows and reach record will contain the column name & column value.
We do not have the list of columns at design time and we can get it only at run time as string list of column names.

I am using 6.0.1 and have not stumbled on that service; is it from 4.6? I assume that record list is a document list, so then it would be that you want each row of the string table to be a document where, the field under the document has a name that is from somewhere in the string (?first row?) and the field value is the value under that column (?m…n row?) from the string table. So you can do the following:

pull out the first row as a stringList. loop over the entire table as source, put a branch to skip over the first row (column row). then for each other row, loop for that creating a field in a document with the column (from stringList) for that position as well as the current value of the iteration. Then you can use the appendToDocumentList to make you final documentlist with the proper fields. To create a field in a document on the fly, you will need a java service that takes in three parameters (document, field, value) and does an edit in place and/or outputs a new document with changes. That should be it. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

See this post for additional discussion and code samples.


Hi Mark
I checked the discussion thread you mentioned. I guess the solution you provided may not be an exact replacement for the deprecated API stringTableToTable as it does not consider the parameter “columnNames” of the old API.

The webMethods documentation states that the API stringTableToTable is Deprecated, but I could not find any documentation specifying what is the replacement API for this deprecated API.

We can write a custom java code to replace this API, as suggested by Yemi, but I am wondering why would webMethods mark this API as deprecated when there is no replacement API available in later version…?

Maybe it has more to due with the old output format not being a format they want to support that much anymore. It is similiar to the deprecation of the stop method in Applet and the destroy Thread. Its use has outlived its environment and the future was not as easily conforming. Good day.

Yemi Bedu