Content of shadow document

I want to know about shadow documents contents. Is it contains metadata plus the content of original document or only metadata?
I also want to know about indexing.Is it necessary to implement another shadow function to get necessary indexing information like (authorname/ title).or our nixe package is sufficient one.
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Hi Gokul,

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The shadow document is supposed to contain information about metadata. In addition there is one element inside these shadow document which stores in a single string the extractable content from the document. However, depending on the content itself it might in some cases be impossible to extract any meaningful string content (e.g. if a PDF document contains only pictures).

The nonXML indexer only extracts some internally defined data and transforms this into documents of a predefined schema. If you need different information you need to write your own server extension or try it with the extension mechansim as described in the documentation.

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