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I would like to find out if it’s possible to change the Port Address property of the binders in a consuming web service? The situation that I have is that the address that I’m consuming differs between the Development and QA servers, but on QA I can’t seem to change the Port address property in Developer or Designer. Will I have to re-create the consuming web service on QA if the address it consumes differs from Development?

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Pease review Web Services Development Guide - page 136
How Integration Server Builds the Consumer Endpoint URL

Step 2 Override the host/port portion of the URL. If a consumer Web service endpoint alias is assigned to the binder for the invoked operation, the endpoint alias host and/or port information overrides the host and/or port information in the URL resulting from Step 1. For more information about how Integration Server uses the host and/or port information to construct the endpoint URL, see “How the Consumer Web Service Endpoint Alias Affects the Endpoint URL” on page 136

This should lead you to Integration Server Administration manual, chapter 12:
12. Configuring Endpoint Aliases for Web Services

In summary - you define endpoint Alias, and associate it the binder.

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Thank you very much. This pushed me in the right direction I needed to be!