Consuming RPC encoded WSDL

I am trying to use IS to interface to Optimize for Process. I have managed to find the WSDL location for the Optimize WS and can import them and execute operations without issue using SoapUI.

However, when I try and create a WSD using IS, it complains about a schema prefix which I was able to fix by adding an import statement. However, when I try and run an operation from Designer, I get a server error saying that the RuleNotFoundException part must be defined as element=‘QName’ not type=‘QName’. From what I can see, the WSDL is being generated by Glue that is running inside the AE.

My research has lead me to find that the Axis2 stack is causing this error and that it basically does not support RPC encoded WSD’s. I believe it will support RPC/Literal and of course Document/Literal.

Is there anyway to tell Glue to generate either a RPC/Literal or Document/Literal WSDL style or is there a way that IS can execute an RPC service?