Consuming rest API

Hi WM Experts,

I have a question concerning “consuming rest API” from webMethods Integration Server.

My question is: an external application is exposing some services through swagger document, i’m performing the creation of a new rest API descriptor by importing this document.

Before making the http call i’m performing a validate process using pub.schema:validate passing as “conforms to” variable the path to the document generated by the descriptor.

This validation fails because the fields in the document are all marked as required even if in the swagger only some of them are marked as required.

Is it correct that all the the fields are marked as required ? Does WM applies some inheritance pattern to parent/child object ?

I attach the .json swagger file, as you can see i have only few fields which are required but if you try create an API descriptor with it the fields in the documents are all required.

I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance

Hi Pasquale,

This seems to be a bug and will be fixed.


Hi Aishvarya,

thanks for the quick reply, i thought it was a bug, but do you think i need to open a ticket to SAG Support ? Or this bug is already traced and i can just wait for the fix ?

Thanks for your help


Would be good to open a ticket, so that there is tracking it does not get lost.