Consumed wsdl giving Null Pointer Exp getting Soap Hearders

We have a 3rd party wsdl I have imported and I am getting the following response from the connector when it invokes pub.client:soapClient.

fault->detail->$errorInfo->$errorInfo - At this location I see the following

But then at the location below I actaully get the response I am looking for and it is correct

So that seems like the communication is working and I am actually getting the data I need but due to something with the headers on the response not looking like it believes they should I am getting a fault. Maybe I am off on that assumption but that is how it appears.

I can see the headers that it uses in the pipeline.

Any suggestions?

webMethods 8.2 on 2008r2

Did you enabled WS-Security?
Did you applied a security policy?
When WSS is enabled, the system will look into the SOAP header for security information.
The null pointer exception indicates there is no SOAP header.

No on both questions.

I was able to find a temporary way around it…not a good way but it works and will let the developers use the service while I figure out how to solve it the right way. I have a call with SAG support tomorrow to show them what I am doing and get some advice. I will post the results here after I can put them together.

How I was able make it work for now…
I pulled down all the wsdl & xsd files locally. Removed the soapheader for the output of that transaction and recreated the web service descriptor. This only works because we do not need nor care what is in them.