Consume an external web service

I need to consume an external web service through its WSDL. The Integration Server has the tools to do this? I need to do a JavaService


  If you are using webmethods, You can create a consumer node by using the WSDL. It creates an connector for you to consume the external webservice from your system. Basically we can do this by Designer(8.x version) or Developer.  

    Please let me know in case of any concerns on this. 



Yes, this is possible.

Can you be more specific on you requirements?

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wM IS allows users to define external web services and consume those services and you can develop your services in wM Designer using flow or Java languages.

You can refer to the document below to get some information regarding to Web Service Descriptors which is for wM V9.8. Pages 30-41

If your wM version is different, you can find the Web Services Developer’s Guide for your wM version through Empower.

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Roham Zaferanlo

When creating a WebServiceDesriptor you can choose if it is meant to be a provider (hosted by you) or a consumer (calling the WebService somewhere else).

In your case you are looking for a consumer. You can specify from where the Descriptor should be created and you can give the URL of the external WSDL as a parameter here.

For IS this would look like: