consume a secured web service hosted in a 8.2 IS using .net

Dear Members,

i am very new to ESB and IS 8.2 , i want to consume a web service created and deployed in IS 8.2. i am using .net C# programming to consume the web service.

my program is working when the provider enables only transport level security.
when the provider enables message level security , i am getting signature invalid error.
kindly help me to understand the error and modify the code. i am not getting any help from the provider regarding consuming via .net .

is there anything to to enabled in provider side ? or do i have to add anything in my code.

Note1: we are using the certificates provided by CA
Note2: in SOAP UI, i could consume the service with both transport and message level security enabled.

thanks & advance

Hi Jhony,

one of our partners was trying to consume our WS this way on our IS 9.5 with only transport layer security available.
We are not yet ready for message level security.

The WS was migrated from IS 7.1.3 where it worked, but on 9.5 it cannot be consumed by the .Net/C# partner.
We have even tried to correct and recreate WSDL and WSD for 9.5 as there might have been issues with IS 7.1.3 compliant WSDL in 9.5 (pre-8.2 compatibility flag).
When testing internally with the corresponding IS 9.5 consumer or with SoapUI, the WS can be consumned.

Unfortunately I dont have the exact error message available nor the exact #Net/C# version they are using.

Do you have any ideas what might be the cause of this and how to overcome this?

This is currently blocking resources on our side as we cannot retire our 7.1 environment due to these circumstances.


Hi Holger,

i neither have experience in webmethods nor IS servers,
i just try to consume the WS deployed in IS 8.2 .

sorry … i am nowise to answer to answer your question.

i hope someone show some light to solve the issues.

thanks & regards