Constructing WebSphere MQ business objects in webMethods

Hi Experts,

So in order to interact with the Mainframe system, the requirement is to use MQ where at ESB end need construct the BO to form a message structure and put message string in MQ queue.

So, does anyone have any idea about constructing MQ Business Objects in webMethods ESB?

Any inputs will be appreciated.


How does the MQ BO message look like? Examples?

Hope this might help, webMethods provides adapters/connectors to integrate with MQ (MS or webSphere), check the below links to the docs

Or you can use it as MQ as JMS Provider and publish the message to queue/topic using IS ESB.

Any questions?

Thanks for response.
I guess this is for normal scenerio.
But , requirement is that need to conctruct Business Object with help of MQ jar and form a message structure at webMethods end and put this in MQ queue.
So, am not sure how it can be done.
Inputs will be appreciated.


How does the message look like? Do you have any examples?

How about writing a custom java service importing the MQ Jar/classes?