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webMethods Integration Server 10.3

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Streamline document type

This may be more a design question then anything else, but I wanted to get some input from others out there. I have worked with other integration (broker) servers, and I recently started working with webMethods. I am calling a vendors SOAP services via my flow service. The WSDL/XSD they have provided contains unused elements (a lot) and they are leveraging XML namespace to create 75+ docTypeRef fragments. The fact there are a lot of unused elements is fine, but does creating an annoyance linking the pipeline in to the service in attributes as demonstrated in the snapshot.

I have a flow service which will receive specific data in an XML format based on key fields I will use in calling the vendor’s services. The question is: 1) is the best approach to take the vendor schema and modify it into a custom schema with only the relevant elements and use it to create my document type(s), or 2) to create an input document type and reference vendor’s fragment documents they have into a useable structure. In one of my flows I will be calling other vendors services (REST and SOAP) so I don’t want to pigeon hole myself.

I don’t want to force the application calling me to use the vendors namespace as part of the input request package. I am far from an XSD expert so any insight is appreciated. In the past the WSDLs/XSD I have received is reasonably on target for the elements the service is used for and didn’t comprise of 28k lines in an XML template where 40% was not relevant.

After some thought I think I have my own answer.

Hi Chris,
Good to know you found a resolution, could you please share it here , I’m positive many others would face the same problem.


I don’t think I found a resolution to the issue I posted, just a realization that I have to do extra work because someone else chooses to make their life easier then their customer’s. As I gain more knowledge with webMethods I am sure I will find ways to streamline my annoyances, but until then I shall ask lots of questions and do trial-by-error designs.

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