Consolidating B2B integration platforms


A report released by Gartner this week got me wondering if a lot of companies are rethinking their B2B integration infrastructure. According to Gartner, many enterprises run multiple disparate B2B integration gateways. But they are now thinking of consolidating the gateways down to a single B2B platform in order to save on license, maintenance, skills and training costs. You can read the blog post here:

Do you agree with Gartner?


Less number of platform would mean less servers, less license cost as well as less personnel to manage all of these.

Thanks Chirag.

I think there some additional potential benefits not mentioned by Gartner:

  1. Ability to enforce rules, policies and security consistently.
  2. Single point of visibility and ability to audit all B2B transactions
  3. Reduced time to make enhancements or changes